About Us

“The Philbins have set the standard for 
excellence in court reporting in our area. They 
are flexible, the reporters are friendly and 
professional. They are the only firm we have used for years."

Since 1947, the privately owned Philbin & Associates is regarded as one of New England's most respected court reporting firms.  Our staff of twenty-five court reporters combined with their over 250 years of experience sets us above all others in Western Massachusetts, and allows us to have court reporters on standby should a last minute emergency occur. In addition to our size and experience, our court reporters use all of the latest technology services in litigation support.

At Philbin & Associates, we have earned our mark in Western Massachusetts by being the exclusive per diem court reporters for the United States District Court, Western District of Massachusetts, as well as the premier provider for court reporters in the Superior Court of the Commonwealth in all four counties of Western Massachusetts. As a result of our training and experience, we bring the highest level of skill into all of your discovery proceedings.

In addition to our nationwide affiliations with court reporting firms, we are distinguished members of:
  • Massachusetts Court Reporters Association
  • National Court Reporters Association

Paul T. Philbin
President Massachusetts Court Reporters' Association 2000 - 2002

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